"The present moment is  all   you   ever have"

Eckhard Tolle

Why Choose Us?

The most important thing to all of us is our wellbeing happiness and health through mental stimulation. Life can be stressful, and too many times people get caught up in our crazy busy world.

"Karma You" will never change our fast paced world, but what I hope to achieve is to promote my products and the importance of self love and well being, 

 I hope in some small way we can help in your journey to complete relaxation and happiness. I am always looking for new well being products, so I would love your input on products that would interest you, so please feel free to email me with suggestions. 

Enjoy my site, more products to follow.


About Us


Store Owner

Hello, my name is Sue and I am the eldest of 4 children and was born in West Yorkshire so I am a real yorkshire lass.

After a serious illness which lasted 4 years, I decided to create a website to promote good well being. I am the proud owner of "Karma You". My passion for this project came from the realisation that self care and relaxation are paramount to a more full and enjoyable life, hence my idea was born, "Karma You". 

It is important to live life well and fully, but also take time to relax and make time for yourself. A "Karma You" needs rejuvenation to be strong, beautiful scents which inspire, visions and sounds that relax the mind. 

The secret of peace and happiness is an energised more relaxed you.